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Danielle for Crack podcast

Danielle’s Crack Mix is a masterclass in eclecticism, cycling through laid-back downtempo techno to electro and EBM-inflected cuts for a satisfyingly broad mix. Exemplary stuff from one of Bristol’s very best.

Resident Advisor latest podcast comes from Lux

Sleek, spacey, syncopated sounds for RA 654.

Lutto Lento has been announced as one of SHAPE's 2019 participants!

"The Creative Europe-supported SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art is announcing its 2019 list of artists. The artist selection for the platform’s fifth year traditionally places a number of audiovisual projects and sound artists alongside musical acts that range from post-grime and techno to free improvisation and acousmatic music. SHAPE is also happy to say that its 2019 roster is created with a 50:50 gender balance."

Lauren Hansom for ZeeZout

In true selector fashion she consummately draws upon her bountiful cache of records to craft a sound reminiscent of a lush vibrant jungle with deep valleys and bright exotic blooms. From tender synths and saxophones, to cascading xylophones, and piano riffs with a pinch of pan flute, this mix has got it all. Delve into the underbrush and explore.

Zaltan b2b OKO DJ for BFDM over at NTS

Zaltan with his new favorite b2b partner OKO DJ steps up for BFDM show over at NTS.