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FACT tracks of the year!

RAMZi's 'Fuma' and Avalon Emerson's remix of Octo Octa's 'Adrift' are part of Fact Magazine's tracks of the year!

Stamp The Wax premieres RAMZis 'Fly Timoun'

Like a pixie songstress from a distant realm, RAMZi once again returns to earth to beguile us with her unique approach to music production. Releasing her first material back in 2013, since then Phoebé Guillemot has flitted between Vancouver labels like 1080p, Total Statis and Mood Hut. Now she brings her mystifying sounds to UK soil, finding a home on Glasgow imprint 12th Isle. And we must say it’s a match made in heaven.

Courtesy and Dr. Rubinstein breakthrough DJs of 2017

Mixmag's breakthrough DJs of 2017 features Dr. Rubinstein on #16 and Courtesy on #4!

RA announces RAMZis new album!

RAMZi's next album, Pèze-Piton, will come out this month on Glasgow label 12th Isle.

Landing on December 11th, the nine-track LP is Vancouver artist Phoebé Guillemot's fifth, following records for outlets like Rvng Intl. and 1080p. Her only other release of 2017, January's RA-recommended Phobiza 'Noite' Vol. 2 EP, came out on Mood Hut. Like that record, Pèze-Piton continues to explore her earthy sound. The screenprinted sleeve for the limited-edition vinyl version is by Al White, who has contributed artwork for Firecracker Recordings.

Zaltans set from Dekmantel Selectors is finally online!

Recording of Zaltan's set at Dekmantel Selectors 2017.